Meet The Craic Dealers, the ultimate ceilidh band to get your feet stomping. They play an array of Scottish and Irish folk music with an infectious energy that demands that your guests get up and dance. Holding a huge repertoire of Celtic folk tunes under their belt, they can also call the steps for a wide range of Scottish and Irish ceilidh and ceili dances.

In a few words, how would you best describe The Craic Dealers?

We’re a Scottish and Irish folk band, playing traditional ceilidh and ceili music. We deliver a heavy emphasis on groove and energy to get people off their seats and dancing!

Please describe a typical event that you’d play. Is there a lot of dancing?

It’s hard to define a ‘typical’ Craic Dealers gig as they come in all shapes and sizes. The main unifying factor would certainly be the dancing. And Guinness, there’s usually plenty of that too.

If you had to describe your performances in three words, what would you pick?

Sweaty, raucous, and craicful!

Do you provide a caller for your performances?

Yes! Absolutely.

Where are you based and how far are you willing to travel?

We’re based in London, but we’re happy to travel. Accommodation is generally required for gigs outside of London, though.

What types of events do you usually play?  What was a recent favoUrite?

We play anywhere from tiny pubs to large outdoor venues. No matter the event, if you need a good ceilidh, we’ll see to it!

You say you have a huge repertoire of celtic folk tunes. What’s some of your favourite to play?

I could be here all day with this one, but off the top of my head, ‘The Waterbed’, ‘Bulgarian Red’ and ‘The Road to Errogie’, are all cracking reels to get folks up and dancing!

What sets you apart from other Ceilidh bands?  

There are a lot of great ceilidh bands around. Rather than deliberately trying to set ourselves apart, we just focus on really having fun at every gig, because it’s infectious! If we’re all dancing around while playing, it doesn’t take long for everyone else to join in!

What type of venue setting are your performances ideal for? Should bookers be concerned with space?

Obviously, it’s good to have plenty space for the dancing, but of course it’s also very dependent on numbers. We’ve played some very intimate ceilidhs for small groups before. As long as there’s a clear and unobstructed dance floor, it should be grand!

Last, but not least…What’s the Craic?!

‘The craic’… ah now, how to define the craic? Some say it’s an indescribable, omni-present, binding energy.  For us, it’s a bit like ‘The Force’ in Star Wars, but with more emphasis on Guinness.

Oh, you were just asking us ‘what’s the craic’, not ‘what is the craic’?  In that case, we’re grand, thanks – yerself?


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