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One key factor shared by many of our top performing artists on platform is how well they communicate with clients through our messaging system. Including the right information about your quote (at the right time!) is a crucial step towards converting your enquiry into a booking. We've put together a handy guideline on how to communicate as efficiently as possible to help you start improving your performance on platform and experience fantastic results:

Let's be can definitely be difficult earning a decent living as a musician. You can be talented and offer the perfect package, but somehow your enquiries aren’t converting to bookings. This can be frustrating, especially if you’ve invested in good showreel and have crafted a solid Headliner Act profile. So what is the key to converting enquiries to bookings? How do you stand out above the rest of the talented competition and secure your opportunity? Often, the answer actually lies in your response time, your flexibility and your knowledge of how to use the Headliner platform. We’ve analyzed our recent bookings on platform (with one recent booking being secured within 37 minutes, flat!) and concluded that most successful bookings adhered to the following patterns:

At Headliner, we strive to make your user experience as streamlined and efficient as possible. We’ve put together some walkthroughs of different ways to use our platform – whether it be through onboarding seamlessly, quoting or using our new jobs board. Check back regularly for more digital explanations of how to use our platform to your advantage.

Saxophonist Jack McDougal recently got his first booking through Headliner. From the moment he received the enquiry to the moment the client put down a deposit to secure him for their event a mere hour had gone by! We think that is pretty good going, so we decided to have a little chat with him.

Using a new system for the first time can be confusing, regardless of how streamlined it is. We also realise that it’s nice to know how to respond to an enquiry before one actually arrives. We have put together a short video showing you all the different elements of the enquiry process, so that you don’t need to worry when the next client hits that enquiry button.

The short answer is no, not straight away. Have you been wondering why your email or phone number keeps dropping out of messages you send to clients on Headliner? Or maybe you didn’t even know about this? We'll explain why it happens...