Wix Integration for the Verified Artist Badge

Wix Integration for the Verified Artist Badge


  • 1. Add your website URL.

  • Website URL Screenshot

  • 2. Pick which badge you’d like and copy the coding.

  • Step 2 - Badges

  • 4. Once there, find a decent spot to put your badge - make sure to put it in a place that is easily found like the front page or in your contact page.

  • 5. Look to the left-hand side of your page and click the plus button in the toolbar

  • Add More - Plus

  • 6. Scroll down and click “More” from the options. From there, click “HTML Code.”

  • HTML Code

  • 7. Place where on your page you would like to have your badge and copy the code into the html box.

  • Insert Code

  • 8. You now have a badge that you can move freely into a position you want on your webpage. Now press publish and enjoy!

  • Move Badge Anywhere