Why Reviews Will Get You More Gigs

Why Reviews Will Get You More Gigs

  • We all know that recommendations from previous clients add an element of trust. Whatever service you need, music, plumbing, catering, you’ll always look for proof that it will be good, great or even excellent. Reviews and testimonials take care of this for you.

  • Reviews’ Many Superpowers

    1: TRUST

    Reviews are actually considered trustworthier compared with testimonials. It’s tricky to do on Headliner, but clients have told us that too many sites make it easy to fake testimonials. Your testimonials are obviously still working, but reviews have the upper hand when it comes to making a client feel at ease.


    Having reviews on your profile actually gets you higher up in our search results, which inevitably means more people viewing you. In turn you are also more likely to get enquiries. Bad reviews will obviously send you down in search results, but why would anyone do that? If you know you’ve done a stellar job, ask for a review.


    Yes! The almost almighty Google will indeed push your act higher up in search results if you have reviews. Just like human beings, Google tries to search for and prioritises genuine, trusted content, and it gobbles up reviews like chocolate.

    So there you have it, now make sure you go and ask for some reviews!