Meet The Hoops

Meet The Hoops

  • the hoops the energetic party band that's unafraid to take chances with their songs (even making a few mashups along the way). Hailing from London, this group dominates with floor-filling hits from the 60's right up to present day. The Hoops promise that the client always comes first, holding an evergrowing songlist of well over 100 tunes that can be catered to all age groups.

  • Tell us about yourselves. What makes up the heart and soul of The Hoops?

    We absolutely love playing and entertaining people. We definitely pride ourselves in having a fuller sound than our four piece line-up would suggest. We also have three and four-part harmonies going on. Apart from our lead singer, our bassist and our guitar player are also great lead vocalists on certain songs. We are not above employing backing tracks when they are needed, like in modern production songs or in older tunes, where a certain added instrument can make or break the song.

  • How did you all meet to form The Hoops?

    We all have known each other from different bands in the past and one day we decided to form a covers 'super group'. We simply wanted to be the best and most professional band we could be, with proactive band members. Plus, it's always great to be in a band with friends.

  • If you could invite any musician to a dinner party (living or dead), who would you pick?

    There are too many to mention, but the list would have to include Prince, Bruno Mars and Tina Turner.

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  • If The Hoops were a beverage - what would they be? Any particular flavour?

    Champagne, of course. We are a super lively and up for anything band.

  • What sets The Hoops apart from other function bands?

    With The Hoops, the client always comes first and we will always do our very best to tailor our song choice to the client's requirements. We are always more than happy to learn a few new songs, even if they are for a one-off occasion.

  • What are your best package options?

    For events and weddings, our most popular package option would have to be 3 x 40 minute sets of live music with a virtual DJ service in-between live sets (thrown in free of charge). Another popular add-on is a 40 minute acoustic duo, or band set, with either vocals and acoustic guitar, or added cajon and acoustic bass.

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  • Following that, what's your favourite time of year to perform?

    Every time we play, it's our favourite time of the year to play! Apart from that, probably Spring and Summer, as it is so nice to travel with the sun out and the car windows down a little.

  • What songs are guaranteed to make audiences smile?

    Guaranteed crowd pleasers are Tina Turner's, 'Proud Mary', Ed Sheeran's, 'Shape Of You', The Killers', 'Mr. Brightside', Bruno Mars', 'Uptown Funk', even Neil Diamond's, 'Sweet Caroline', and The Proclaimers', '500 Miles'. Again, too many to mention! For the air-guitar crowd it has to be anything from Bon Jovi to the Arctic Monkeys.

  • What is your favourite aspect of a typical event that you perform at?

    Our favourite aspect is getting it just right for the client and showing the crowd a great time.

  • What's the key to being a great party band?

    Play songs you love playing and the audience loves getting down to. Most importantly have fun, if the band doesn't have fun performing, the audience will catch on to that and that is bad news. If you are not having a good time playing, you are in the wrong business.

  • What genres do you cover?

    We pride ourselves in being super versatile. We really enjoy playing anything from early blues and rock'n'roll, to the latest dance and chart hits. We love all the rock favourites like Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi and even Nirvana and AC/DC.

  • Tell us a fun fact.

    We love a good mash up, and have even successfully mashed Rihanna with Metallica in our popular 'Rihannica' mash up. It mixes Rihanna's, 'Only Girl In The World' with Metallica's, 'Enter Sandman'.

    Nothing is musically sacred and as long as it is fun for us and the audience, anything goes. Plus, two of our band members don't like eating mushrooms, how strange is that?