Getting Found on Headliner with Tags

  • Have you tagged your profile properly? When you created your Headliner profile you probably put a lot of effort into your bio and made sure that your images were super sharp. A well-presented profile is key to getting bookings. But there is also that very important stage before a client has even looked at your video or images. They need to be able to find you.

    Profiles with ‘optimised’ tags are 30% more likely to receive enquiries (because they’re easier to find). You added some tags when setting up your profile, but why not take another look to make sure you’ve covered all your bases?

    So, how do you know that you’ve tagged your profile properly? Here’s a few things to look at:

  • Genre tags

    Genres are the most popular tags used by bookers, so make sure you have included all the genres you play. If you play Soul, Neo Soul, Funk and Disco you need to include them all. Do you play a cross-genre, or a type of music often referred to by more than one name? Tag them all…

    Make sure that you create them as separate tags. If you create Neo Soul & Soul as one tag it’s unlikely to help you. It might even do the opposite. Similarly, ensure that you only use tags that are truly relevant to you. If you’re a Pop act, but one of your songs has a ii-V-i chord progression it’s still not relevant to include Jazz as a tag. The booker will be left disappointed when hearing Pop instead of the Jazz he or she searched for.

  • Era tags

    This is another popular group of tags. Sometimes people won’t really know the difference between Rat Pack and Swing, so they will simply search by the eras they are interested in, like 20s, 30s or 70s. Make sure to add one of these in addition to your main genre (unless you operate within a niche genre such as Ceilidh).

  • Instrument tags

    Sometimes people want a specific instrument to be included in a performance, so it’s worth tagging all the instruments in your line-up. In addition to helping with the search, it could also win bookers over once they’re on your profile. If they’re looking at three different Funk bands, but yours is the only one with saxophone and trumpet tags, it could land you the booking.