Introducing Roameo

Introducing Roameo

  • Roameo are here to redefine your preconceptions about function bands. Despite being a fairly new outfit, they are already hugely popular. It doesn't surprise us.. Their bubbly personalities and fun attitudes are infectious. Exactly what you need at a party! We asked them a few questions...

  • You come across as a very lively and fun band. How would you describe yourselves?

    Our concept is new - 3 dapper gents, wirelessly amplified and free to roam, with a hands on sound engineer - we've got a lot to give! It means we can be super spontaneous and glide through pockets of people, while keeping the whole crowd engaged. And we can take the place of a full party band and fill a dance floor. Then of course there's the pastel linen shirts and bowties. Wooooo!

  • What type of events do you usually play at?

    As a trio we've played a pretty eclectic set of events. Corporate functions, awards ceremonies, a few celeb supper parties, sporting events and some funky weddings.

  • Can you tell us about an amazing event you’ve played at?

    The UEFA football sponsors' after parties in Paris were pretty special. Hosted by Coca-Cola, we were asked to play for the quarter finals and the finals - at one of Paris' most wonderful hotels. The clients were a mix from all over the world, including some older members of Coca Cola's management. Both gigs were off the chain! We had the most unlikely candidates staging dance-offs and held a big percussion jam. We were put up in the hotel too, which was very good of them.

  • What’s the key to being a great function band?

    We've considered doing a PHD on the subject - how do you become the cream of the cream? We've arrived at - You've gotta have the repertoire, do your practice, gotta dress well, be super charming and approachable, flexible and sensitive to your audience - and play each gig like the success of the event rested on your shoulders.

  • You play a bit of funk, a bit of rock, a bit of soul and pop etc. Do you have a favourite genre to play?

    We are all music enthusiasts and have our roots in the good old blues/rock'n'roll/soul eras. Individually we have some diverse tastes - from flamenco, classical, jazz and electro-pop. Maybe strangely we have all convened over a love for 90's hip-hop and R'n'B. BOOM, shake the room!

  • How do you like to finish off an amazing set at the end of the night?

    By helping your grandma down off the table where she's been dancing and having a drink with her.

  • How long have you guys been playing together?

    Roameo is a new outfit, but we've been playing together in different ensembles for about 10 years. The love grows with each passing year.

  • What’s the best thing about your job?

    Surprising people with our sparkly, brand-new, wireless roaming party band. How do they do it?!

  • Finally, what do you think is the most important thing to ensure that guests and audiences are enjoying themselves and having an absolutely amazing time?

    If it had to be one thing - and I know I've mentioned it before - sensitivity. I don't mean to say you should timidly look for the broken-hearted sitting at the sidelines. Rather that you should scope your audience out and react to their mood. Coax them into a party if they're not there already - but don't jump in and force them into it. If they're there and up for it, take it to the next level.