MK & the Misters: Function at its Finest

MK & the Misters: Function at its Finest

  • Meet The Curious Incident, a band who will bring you on a wild journey of flavour infused genre-mixing influenced from across the globe. Describing their eclectic sound as the spice of Hot Sauce and nice of Lemonade, their performance experience ranges from rocking weddings and corporate events to opening for The Zombies (!). Read on to learn more about them, as well as their advice about why doing function music has been helpful towards launching a music career.

  • If you had to sum it up in one sentence, how would you describe your band’s sound?

    It's Pop/Rock with a Caribbean Twist that tastes like the spice of Hot Sauce, the nice of Lemonade and makes land lovers wanna surf.

  • Following that, who are you influenced most by?

    We take inspiration from many different places and artists and listen to lots of new acts to see what they're doing. Arctic Monkeys are one of our favourites but we don't think that influences our music that much. We love Afro and Caribbean rhythms so we're big fans of the dance hall revival on mainstream radio. Sean Paul is back! You can also never go wrong with The Beatles, Elvis and The Police.

  • You do both original work and covers. What advice would you give to bands aspiring to do the same?

    Pay the bills with music! A lot of musicians get sucked into a job they don't want to be doing in order to pay the rent etc but as long as you're getting as close to making a living doing what you love then your original creativity has the room to blossom. We invest a huge part of our covers revenue back into our original music and give every song we play our everything.

  • How did your band end up in London, after starting in such different places in the world?

    Brexit. Wait. uhm, Trump. Uh.

    Diaz and Kairo have been friends for years and were each getting started with music in different countries (The Netherlands and South Africa respectively) and then decided to meet up in the UK and make a go of it here.

  • You’ve performed in many different places, including the UK, Canada, Switzerland and South Africa. Have you had to adapt to performing in different places?

    High school French definitely came in handy in Switzerland and Montreal. A language barrier can make some of our on-stage banter a little tricky but we get around that with some other stage tricks that we've picked up along the way. So far people have reacted similarly to our music. It seems to depend more on the size of the crowd and vibe of the room rather than where in the world the concert is.

  • How would you describe supporting The Zombies and Die Antwoord - outside of amazing?

    The Zombies have written some of our favourite songs of all time so we were terrified to open for them. It was still early days for us but we managed to win over their discerning crowd and some of the Zombies band members were really encouraging and supportive. Opening for the genius marketing machine that is Die Antwoord was a trip! We learned a lot about crowd interaction and stage presentation that day. It was mad seeing so many in the crowd with Die Antwoord haircuts.

  • What is your favourite type of event to play at?

    Any with a conscious crowd! Our preference is for lively audiences that want to feel the vibes but we've played all kinds of events and it can be equally rewarding playing a chilled out acoustic set as the sun goes down at a wedding or corporate function.

  • Finish this sentence: It’s not a party until...

    You put your hands up in the air!