Using the Headliner Messaging System to convert enquiries into bookings

Using the Headliner Messaging System to convert enquiries into bookings

  • One key factor shared by many of our top performing artists on platform is how well they communicate with clients through our messaging system. Including the right information about your quote (at the right time!) is a crucial step towards converting your enquiry into a booking. We've put together a handy guideline on how to communicate as efficiently as possible to help you start improving your performance on platform and experience fantastic results.

  • Remember, most bookers are first time buyers.

    Most bookers who come through the Headliner platform are booking live entertainment for the first time. Please remember that most clients will not automatically understand all the ins and outs of what’s included in your fee. The more you specify about what’s included in your fee, the better chance you have of converting the enquiry into a booking:

    1. Reiterate what is included with your quote. While you may already have your breakdown listed within your performance options, make sure the booker understands what is included with your initial quote. Take care to cover all your bases and ask the booker the right questions.

      If you need to ask further questions, there is an option on the platform to do so: 2018-03-06 1641

    2. Take the time to explain any extras that are added to your base fee. By all means, treat the Headliner messaging system as your digital tech rider, covering all the costs you need. Once you've done this, make sure to explain what the quote includes and why it might differ from the base price. Often, the booker will not understand why your price has changed if you don't provide an added explanation.

    3. Make sure your quote is consistent with the starting prices listed on your profile. Looking at past bookings on Headliner, we know that if the quote you send to a client increases by 12% or more from the started quote, you’re less likely to secure the booking. Keeping your pricing consistent from profile to quote is key.

    4. However, if you do need to change your quote, it is entirely customisable. You are not locked into the starting prices listed on your profile page. You’re in control of your listed price versus the price you need to quote for the particular booking. If you do need to customise a quote, make sure you give an appropriate explanation as to why it has changed.

      To customise your base quote, look for the listed quote and click "edit".

      2018-03-07 1130

    5. If you find that your fee is increasing due to having to account for additional line-ups, make sure you add them as additional performance options on your profile. Having clear pricing already listed on your profile makes all the difference in helping bookers to understand what you have to offer. You can add more performance options here.

  • Let your personality shine.

    1. Take ten minutes to personalise your initial response. Headliner offers a base-template to get you started, but please only use this as a starting point. Please feel free to edit the response to your liking. Not only will this make you stand out, but it also will give you the chance to ask the right questions.

      2018-03-06 1634

    2. Asking the right questions. Below is a helpful guide on what to do and what not to do while navigating the Headliner messaging system:

      What to do:

      • DO ask if there are any venue restrictions. Do they need a PA, are there sound limitations?
      • DO take the time to proofread your message and use full sentences and proper grammar.
      • DO remember to always be polite and courteous.
      • DO update the quote directly rather than writing fees in your messages.
      • If you are a function band: DO ask whether or not the booker requires a DJ service. ALSO clarify what your DJ service includes.
      • DO specify how many hours they need you to perform.
      • DO make sure to follow up with your quote.
      • DO make sure to answer all questions from the booker and clarify any doubts they may have.
      • BE patient. Some bookers are not familiar with planning events and booking musicians can seem like a daunting task.

      What not to do:

      • DON’T include personal websites, social media sites, phone numbers or emails. Your message will not get sent if this is included.
      • DON’T list actual pricing in your messaging. Instead, update your quote and direct the booker to the finalized amount.
      • DON’T direct the client off platform. Not only can we not step in to mediate if any problems arise, but also it could result in a termination of your profile.
      • DON’T use profanity or write in incomplete sentences. Keep your messaging professional.
  • Following these simple steps will help to make a world of difference towarded converting your enquiries into bookings. As long as you answer your enquiries within 48 hours, follow-up with the booker when needed and keep to the messaging guideline, you'll start converting in no time!