The Importance of Having Reviews

The Importance of Having Reviews

  • We all know that recommendations from previous clients add an important element of trust. When searching for products, hotel accommodations or general services, chances are that looking at available reviews are almost impulse for most customers.

    This same logic applies when booking entertainment. Our numbers show that Headliner act profiles with more reviews tend to close more bookings on the platform.


    Reviews are incredibly effective on closing bookings and also help you stand out from other acts on the platform. Not only do your reviews provide trust and assurance for the booker, but also the Headliner platform will pick up on the fact that you have reviews and help to boost your profile in search.

    It’s proven that bookers feel more comfortable knowing that other users were happy with your previous performances. Remember, most customers are first-time bookers and new to the process!


    We care deeply about being able to provide proper promotion for every act within our wonderful community. This is why Headliner has integrated important steps into the booking process to make adding reviews more efficient for both act and booker.

    When booked through Headliner, the system will remind the booker to leave a review the day after the event. We will also send another reminder a month later if they haven't done so. This integration makes it incredibly easy for bookers to provide you with verified reviews that will go straight into your profile. We promise to do the hard work, so you don’t have to!


    All the reviews provided by bookers through the platform are what we consider a verified review, as we can confirm the booking and payment happened through our system.

    If you are a new act on the platform, we understand that it may be difficult to jump start your reviews, and that’s why we provide a very easy way to add reviews from previous bookers.

    In your settings, you will be able to submit a review in a form like the one below:

    border 4

  • The client email is completely optional, but if you provide it, we will be able to confirm that the information provided is correct and true by sending an email to the booker. Once they have confirmed, the review will show as verified in your profile, like the example below:

  • border 3
  • Please note: We will never use these emails for marketing purposes, purely just for verification.

    If you decide to not provide a client email address, we won’t have a reliable way of confirming the review and therefore does not hold the verified seal of approval. These unverified reviews will still show on your profile but without the verified badge:

  • Border 2
  • While we find all reviews valuable, we strongly suggest that you take the time to verify your reviews as they have more weight and help others bookers more when it comes to making a decision.


    If all of these review options weren’t enough for you, the booker will now have the opportunity to share a referral link for other guests of the event to review your performance, as well. This will increase the number of reviews for your profile and your chances to get booked.

  • You can add reviews to your Headliner act profile by following the link above. Have any questions? Reach out to Caitlin at