Introducing The Summit Soul

Introducing The Summit Soul

  • summit soul the band who recently booked separate back-to-back events for Headliner. Their performances fuse infectious energy and an engaging stage presence, guaranteeing instant captivation from their audiences. In this interview they explain how they navigate the Headliner platform, as well as what they believe is the key to being a successful function band.

  • Describe your act in three words.

    Energetic, passionate and fun!

  • How did you come up with your name?

    The Summit comes from an old computer program I used to have on my Spectrum ZX. It was a simulation of a meeting between world leaders. We are not world leaders, but we all come from different backgrounds musically. Thus, The Summit Soul was born!

  • Why did you choose to specify in soul? What artists are you most influenced by?

    All the musicians in The Summit Soul come from soul and Motown traditions. We are also strongly influenced by jazz and pop music. We can play anything from Michael Jackson to Avicii!

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  • You’ve booked a couple of events through Headliner. What advice do you have for acts on securing bookings through the platform?

    Make sure your profile is updated and looks good. It should have good showreel, nice photos, a setlist and so on. Also, it's incredibly important to reply as soon as possible to any booking enquiry.

  • Further, what advice do you have on navigating the Headliner platform?

    It's hard to say! Headliner is a very easy platform to use! Reach out to the Headliner team if you are feeling stuck or confused.

  • Please describe your approach towards working with your potential clients.

    Well it is really important to understand what will be expected of you for your event. If it is a wedding, remember that it is a special night for the client. We do many weddings each year, so is easy to get too accustomed to that kind of event. Always remember make sure your client feels comfortable and confident in booking you. Also, communication is essential. Always remember that not all clients are experienced in booking live music, so it is a band's duty to ask the right questions.

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  • What type of events do you usually play at? What was a recent favourite?

    We love to play at all kinds of events! A recent favorite was when we played for Southampton Football club. Now that was a great night!

  • What is the most rewarding part of your job?

    The most rewarding part of the job is definitely when we connect with the audience!

  • What packages do you offer your clients?

    For a smaller ensemble we offer an "all inclusive package" with a PA and basic lighting. But if the client wants to go bigger we can provide a larger PA and ensembles. We are always happy to discuss different ideas, as we all do perform all kind of genres.

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  • What’s the key to being in a great soul band?

    It's very important to remember that at the end of the day you are playing music, not just doing a job. Be happy that you're able to be a musician for a living!

  • What do you think is the most important thing to ensure that quests and audiences are enjoying themselves?

    Technicalities aside (having a good sound, a good volume, etc), if we enjoy the night, guests will enjoy it too!

  • Finally, tell us a fun fact about yourselves.

    We are all food obsessed, so most nights after we finish a function, we go on a quest for finding an open restaurant - often with no success!